Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Happiness is?

Like a cuss from the mouth of a maddened man,
Happiness fled out and then it ran.
And filled a puddle and splashed a wound.
It took an ocean before it swooned,
to be a wave or a cloud or a stretched summer strain.
And my self awareness has never been the same.

The joy dances out like a split person,
And we have never known to become one.
I wonder if it has my face!
Or a farce of one.
A smiling grimace.

And so We are,
My happiness and I.
If happiness is,
I know it's a chase.
And there is more to life,
Than chasing a phase.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

If leaving...

If leaving stop not to think,
leave at once if you may.
Love is not at mercy of whims,
as to live another day .

If leaving then stop not to think,
or you will be at the brink
to leave or to stay.
Love is not astray.
To live not is to fade.

If leaving stop not to think,
to Love or to Love nothing
is not fraught with musing.
if leaving stop not to think.
if loving is not a thought.
and living is granted not.

Friday, 24 January 2014

"And a bird without its wings is a lone and tragic thing"

Breathe not into me a life,
that coils me to a body
in the storm of one breath,
there are thousand such deaths.
and I have flown and found
that the bird comes back to a nest
and brings the twigs strewn,
keeps them with the rest.

And caged and caught
I may sigh to sing,
and trap my violent wings
in the fringe that freedom is
as it seems from the cage
and my wings would cut in rage
and my wings would fall in rage
"And a bird without its wings
is a lone and tragic thing"